CAD Guitar Plans | DWG and DXF Digital Blueprints for Acoustic Electric Bass Classical Archtop Guitars

Guitar Plans By Type

acoustic guitar plansAcoustic Guitar Plans

A hollow wood body design using acoustic method of a sound board and bracings for resonating sound.

classical guitar plansClassical Guitar Plans

Nylon string guitars, hollow wood body with a variety of brace patterns for different acoustic sounds.

archtop guitar plansArchtop Guitar Plans

A hand wood carved top and back instrument inspired by the violin and cello, usually designed with f-holes.

electric guitar plansElectric Guitar Plans

A solid wood body plan with pocket cutouts for electronic pick-ups to amplify vibration of guitar strings.

instrument plansOther Instrument Plans

Acoustic bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin and violins are featured with many details.

Guitars by Style and Model

Gibson Style Guitar Plans

CAD drawings based on some of the more popular guitar styles like the J-200, J-45, L-00, J-185 and Les Paul.

Martin Style Guitar Plans

Modeled and CAD drawn similar to the known 000 14 fret and 000 12 fret guitar body as well others like 3/4 size and ukulele.

Fender Style Guitar Plans

CAD layouts based on the some of the most played electric guitars like the Stratocaster, and

Dreadnought Style Guitar Plans

CAD reproduction based on a couple of the most favored 6 string and 12 string guitars.

Other Name Brand Styles

CAD illustration and similar design of other famous guitar like Benedetto, Flamenco.

Jon, Kevin, and Erick Waldron
Waldron Instruments
Bell Buckle, TN

Satisfied Customer: Waldron Instruments

"The files from CAD Guitar Plans have been great!

"The files enabled us to send it directly to the laser cutter with minor set up because of the closed polylines and offset. With the drawings already done, we are able to direct our attention to the more productive task of building guitars.

"Accuracy and detail are found throughout each guitar plan.

"We've been extremely pleased with the quality of these drawings that help us build our beautiful, handmade guitars."

Kevin Waldron

Andreas Rall
Rall Guitars & Tools
Hauptstraße 63,
D-82380 Peißenberg, Germany

Satisfied Customer: Rall Guitars & Tools

"I really like the accuracy and detailed information you provide on all parts of the guitar, especially the small items.  It's what makes your plans so valuable.

"The metric measurements included on the plans were also very helpful.  Perfect for those of us on the metric system, like me.

"Thanks, Rickey!"

Andreas Rall

Kevin Wood
Instructor, Alta High School Woodworking Class
Sandy, UT

Satisfied Customer: Kevin Wood, Alta High School, Sandy, UT

"Thanks again for your quality plans. I teach high school woodworking and have 2 classes dedicated to guitarmaking, a total of 51 students.

"The digital plans make it so much easier - and more accurate - to be able to print off a pattern rather than redraw it 51 times."

Kevin Wood

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the CAD Plans Copyright Protected?

Yes. These are copyright protected CAD drawings. You may use them for yourself and make copies for yourself as a backup file. But you may not sell them, and you may not give copies to anyone else for free.   Read More

How soon can I get the guitar plans after I purchase them?

The files will be available for download immediately after your payment is processed.
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Do You Sell Printed Guitar Plans?

With digital CAD files, there is no reason to buy printed drawings. You can easily print out these files yourself using your own printer. They are extremely versatile.   Read More